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jungle stay

We are in the jungle

Enjoy how exciting and wonderful it is to be surrounded by nature. While our rooms are cozy and enclosed, Patz is surrounded by lush jungle and all the life it supports. There are critters, birds and the occasional harmless four-legged guest roaming around, just don't feed them and lock your little house when you leave.

wifi alta velocidad

High speed Wi-Fi

If you need a reliable internet connection, it will be available inside and outside the house

Download Mbps 49.9

Upload Mbps 20.0

special place

There are stairs

Accessibility could be a challenge for people with physical limitations. 

free concierge service

Let us take care of you 

We would like to support you in anything you need to make your experience the best. We can advise you and help you book the best massages, tours, transportation, etc.

Much to do

We want you to enjoy all the adventures around you, but you do so at your own risk. Patz is not responsible for any incident during your vacation. 

sayulita surroundings

Much to explore 

We are remote but close to everything!

Both by car, motorcycle or taxi you can easily visit the center of Sayulita, San Pancho, Punta de Mita, Lo de Marcos and other places and / or charming beaches in the area.

pet friendly

Pet policy

Your well trained pet is welcome at Casa de la Palmera, but first please read and confirm you agree to our pet policy described below

vacay at

Paradise is near

Patz is only 42 km from the Puerto Vallarta airport. We can gladly arrange you with your transportation if you require it.

romantic couple retreat

Children on property

Casitas Patz, for the moment, is made up of two casitas, which have total privacy and independence, are designed for absolute rest and we prefer your stay to be without small children or babies unless you rent both casitas. We appreciate your understanding.

pet policy


At Casitas Patz we are animal lovers and we understand that you want to share your vacation with your pet, however, you must take into account and confirm the following:

  • Your pet must be free of fleas. 

  • You must immediately clean up your pet's excrement

  • You must bring everything you need for your pets comfort such as your food, containers and bed. 

  • Your pet cannot have a history of biting, excessive barking, chasing, or aggressive behavior.

Casitas Patz is made up of two cabins, which although each one has its independence and privacy, if your dogs bark a lot, that could cause a nuisance to the other guests who have come for a relaxing stay.

  • The pet will not be able to enter the rooms with wooden floors.

At Casitas Patz we make an important effort to have everything in the best possible way for our guests. Pets cannot be on the bed, armchairs or hammocks.


  • You must be aware of your pet at all times, it cannot be alone loose in the facilities. Please bring your leash.

If any damage is caused to the property, gardening or an incident is reported with another guest, the pet owner must take responsibility immediately


Thanks for your understanding. 

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